Good Intentions

Most of us are full of good intentions – ways that we will act, habits that we will acquire and deeds that we will do. I certainly am. The thing is, that if you’re anything like me, then these good intentions will sometimes slide. Actually, if you’re anything like me (and I’ll be honest with you from the start because I want you and I to get along, and honesty seems like a good place to start) then those good intentions will usually slide… often into a bar of chocolate, a new pair of shoes or the temptation of a cozy evening spent snuggled up on the sofa.

I’m not planning to blog about willpower (because I try not to be a hypocrite, and me telling you to have willpower when I ate biscuits for breakfast this morning would be, yes… just a smidge hypocritical), or resolutions (because, to me, those always feel like things that you only expect to keep for a short period of time). What I would like to share is how I’m trying to live with my good intentions and how I’m attempting to capture the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration that comes with the move to a new city and stick to them.

C.S. Lewis Quote

C.S. Lewis Quote

Broadly speaking, the good intentions that I have are:

  • TO BE ME

These are fairly general, and could probably be condensed into the ‘get happier’ category, but when I think about them they ring true for me.  I’ll revisit them later and expand on what each good intention means to me.

Hopefully thinking and writing about them will mean that I’m more open to keeping to them…



My life, at the moment, is going through lots of changes.  I quit my job at almost the same time as my fiancé got offered a fabulous new job… on the other side of the country.  I now have to work out how to sell our house, find a new one in a city I’ve only been to a couple of times, tell everyone that we’re moving when we’d promised to stay put for good (we have a history of moving cities quite a bit!) and figure out how to build my new self-employed career – all at the same time…

I know that the coming months are going to be quite overwhelming, and that I’m likely to loose focus on why we’re moving, why I quit my job, and that it’s not, actually, the end of the world when someone doesn’t turn up to a house viewing (grrrrrr).  I want to make sure that the ‘moving’ bit of moving house is a positive part of the experience and that I don’t spend the next few months in a suspended state of “Life will be so different when we move, but until then I’ll just spend all my time waiting“.

I want to ground myself and use this blog to help me start this new phase of my life now, and not wait until another year has rolled by and we’ve slipped sleepily into our new home.  I’ve wanted for a while to create a space where I could keep a record of the simple little bits of life that make me happy, and now here we are…

Welcome to Simple Little Pieces.